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Did Lexiscan Distributors Fail to Warn Patients About Heart Attack Risks?

Medical malpractice is not always the result of physician negligence. Doctors rely on pharmaceutical companies to provide them with safe and effective drugs to treat their patients. But when a drug maker fails to exercise “ordinary care” and produces a defective or dangerous product, it can lead to a medical malpractice claim against not only Read More

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Will the Florida Supreme Court Strike Down Caps on “Noneconomic” Damages?

In 2003, Florida lawmakers decided to limit “noneconomic” damages in medical malpractice cases. This means even when a jury decides a plaintiff is entitled to a certain amount of compensation for injuries sustained due to a medical provider’s negligence, the judge may reduce the award to ensure it complies with the legislature’s arbitrary cap. But Read More

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Understanding the Patients’ Right to Know About Adverse Medical Incidents

In medical malpractice cases, Florida patients have certain legal rights when seeking information about a health care provider’s past actions which may have hurt other patients. In 2004, Florida voters approved an amendment to the state’s constitution (known as Amendment 7) which expressly provides “patients have a right to have access to any records made Read More

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