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Florida medical malpractice claims
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Holding Florida Midwives Responsible for Birth Injuries

Shoulder dystocia is a frightening complication that can occur during childbirth. During a vaginal delivery, the newborn’s shoulder may get stuck. This can stretch or tear the nerves connecting the child’s spinal cord to their shoulder and arm. While this injury is usually temporary and will heal, with some children there is permanent damage. Judge Read More

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Do Not Ignore the Time Limits for Filing a Medical Negligence Claim

If you have been injured due to the medical negligence of a physician or other health care provider, it is essential you file your claim in Florida state court as soon as possible. This is because all civil lawsuits are subject to a “statute of limitations,” which is a time limit imposed by the state Read More

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Understanding the Role of Arbitration in Florida Medical Negligence Cases

When a patient intends to bring a medical negligence lawsuit under Florida law, the health care provider (or his insurance company) can make an “an offer to arbitrate in which liability is deemed admitted and arbitration will be held only on the issue of damages.” In some cases, arbitration offers a quicker and less costly Read More

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