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When Does “Ordinary Negligence” Become “Medical Malpractice”?

By Paul B. Genet |

It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish medical malpractice from ordinary negligence cases. Health care providers exploit this confusion by trying to improperly classify the latter as the former. Florida law protects doctors and hospitals by making injured patients jump through more regulatory hoops just to bring a malpractice claim. Court Finds Transport Injury… Read More »


Florida Supreme Court Voids Private Malpractice Arbitration Agreement

By Paul B. Genet |

Florida’s medical malpractice laws provide for a system of “voluntary binding arbitration” that is supposed to make things easier for victims. In submitting to arbitration, the health care provider must admit liability. The arbitration is therefore limited to a determination of damages. The health care provider must also assume all costs associated with the… Read More »

Florida Medical Malpractice Law Can Force Victims to Pay Doctor’s Legal Fees

By Paul B. Genet |

Florida law can make it extremely difficult for victims of medical malpractice just to get their day in court against a negligent health care provider. Among other legal barriers, Florida requires victims obtain an “expert” affidavit from a qualified health care provider before they can even file a malpractice lawsuit. In theory, this affidavit… Read More »

How Doctors & Hospitals Use Arbitration Agreements to Avoid Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

By Paul B. Genet |

When you seek medical care from a physician or hospital, you may be asked to sign an “alternative dispute resolution” agreement. These agreements require the patient to waive their right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit in the event of the health care provider’s negligence and instead submit any claim to private arbitration. While… Read More »

Florida Court Rules Malpractice Defendants May Not Violate Attorney-Client Privilege

By Paul B. Genet |

Florida makes it difficult for victims of medical malpractice to have their day in court. Among other requirements, there is a strict two-year of statute of limitations to file a malpractice claim. This two-year deadline starts on the day of the incident giving rise to the malpractice claim, or alternatively, “from the time the… Read More »

Florida Law Keeps Many Valid Malpractice Cases Out of Court

By Paul B. Genet |

Florida’s strict medical malpractice laws often deprive injured patients of their right to a day in court. Before a victim may even attempt to sue a negligent doctor, there must be a “presuit investigation” to establish that there are “reasonable grounds” for the malpractice complaint. Among other thing, the victim must present an affidavit… Read More »

Do Both Parents Have to Consent to a Child’s Surgery Under Florida Law?

By Paul B. Genet |

A physician may be liable for medical malpractice in Florida if he or she fails to obtain a patient’s informed consent before performing a surgical procedure. “Informed consent” means more than a quick description of the procedure. Florida law requires the doctor give the patient “a general understanding of the procedure, the medically acceptable… Read More »

Study Claims “Medical Error” Is the #3 Cause of Death in the U.S.

By Paul B. Genet |

Although Florida legislators have made it more difficult in recent years to bring medical malpractice claims, the truth is that physician error is an often underreported cause of serious injury or death. In fact, a major study recently published in a prominent medical journal offers some sobering statistics about medical error and patient deaths…. Read More »

Florida Court Tosses Jury Malpractice Verdict Due to Insufficient Expert Testimony

By Paul B. Genet |

A physician has a legal and ethical duty to advise a patient of the material risks of a proposed surgical procedure. When a physician fails to obtain the patient’s “informed consent,” and the patient suffers injury as a result, it may be grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit. However, Florida law does require any… Read More »

Negligence vs. Medical Malpractice

By Paul B. Genet |

It might seem odd to defend against a claim of negligence by arguing you actually committed medical malpractice. But in Florida there may be good reason to offer such a defense. Florida has much stricter standards for medical malpractice lawsuits than ordinary negligence or personal injury claims. This can allow a clever defendant to… Read More »

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