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Protecting Yourself from Florida Uninsured Motorists

By Paul B. Genet |

Some drivers hurt by uninsured or underinsured drivers are never fully compensated for their injuries. The chances of that happening to you may be greater than you think. Although Florida drivers are penalized for driving without insurance, Florida has one of the highest rates of uninsured drivers in the United States. Most drivers have… Read More »

Florida Personal Injury Mediation

By Paul B. Genet |

The uncertainties and expenses of litigations have prompted more plaintiffs to settle their personal injury claims through less costly and speedier alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation. Mediation is an opportunity for disagreeing parties to attempt resolution in an informal setting. An overview of the mediation process In mediation, plaintiffs can tell… Read More »

Rear-End Collisions and Comparative Negligence

By Paul B. Genet |

Since the 1960s, Florida law has presumed that if a driver rear-ends another vehicle, that driver is the one at fault. Prior to 2012, trial courts did not allow these drivers to present evidence of the front driver’s fault. However, the Florida Supreme Court recently decided that rear drivers could rebut the presumption of… Read More »

Pedestrian Perils in a Car-Infatuated State

By Paul B. Genet |

Central Florida has earned the dubious honor of being the most dangerous place for pedestrians in the nation. For more than 10 years, the Orlando metro area topped the list of pedestrian deaths. Statistics alone cannot measure the effect of a pedestrian accident on the lives of many Florida families. Why Central Florida is… Read More »

The Challenges of Making a Claim for Asbestos-Related Illness

By Paul B. Genet |

If your doctor has told you that your cancer or lung disease was caused by the asbestos that you were exposed to decades ago, you probably assume your old employer and its insurance company will pay your medical bills and will pay damages to you and your family. After all, we know now that… Read More »

The Wrongful Death of Trayvon Martin?

By Paul B. Genet |

George Zimmerman’s acquittal for the February 26, 2012 fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin generated global controversy. Zimmerman scuffled with Martin prior to Martin’s death in a gated community in Sandford, where Zimmerman was a volunteer neighborhood watchman and Martin temporarily lived. On February 26, 2012, Zimmerman reported Martin to police for suspicious activity and… Read More »

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