Protecting Yourself from Florida Uninsured Motorists

Some drivers hurt by uninsured or underinsured drivers are never fully compensated for their injuries. The chances of that happening to you may be greater than you think. Although Florida drivers are penalized for driving without insurance, Florida has one of the highest rates of uninsured drivers in the United States. Most drivers have insurance but carry the minimum amount required by law and are usually underinsured for serious accidents.

It is very unlikely that an uninsured or underinsured driver has sufficient funds to compensate you personally. It is therefore crucial that you obtain sufficient coverage of your own in case there is an accident.

Limits of Florida no-fault (PIP) coverage

Florida law does not obligate you to purchase uninsured motorist coverage (UMC). Many insureds choose not to purchase UMC, because they incorrectly believe that their personal injury protection (PIP) covers all of their damages. Many car accidents cause grave injuries that necessitate expensive medical treatments exceeding the $10,000 PIP coverage for serious injuries requiring emergency medical treatment.

Protections of uninsured motorist coverage

Florida obligates your insurance company to offer you the option of UMC. UMC may be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • It covers lost wages and medical expenses not covered by your PIP and health insurance.
  • It travels with you — you are covered if you are injured as a pedestrian or on your bicycle.
  • It covers injured family members.
  • It provides protection if you are injured by a hit-and- run motorist.
  • It offers protection against “phantom” motorists who made no contact with your vehicle but caused your accident through their actions.

With many Floridians still affected by the recession, more and more drivers are reducing or dropping their basic auto insurance altogether. Consider supplementing your PIP coverage with UMC for your own protection.

If your insurance compensation is insufficient to cover your damages for personal injuries, you     may require an aggressive Florida accident attorney to help you obtain compensation.

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