What to Do After a Car Crash

After leaving Steinbrenner Field, New York Yankee’s outfielder Ichiro Suzuki was involved in a terrible car crash. Ichiro was traveling south on Dale Mabry Highway when his SUV hit another vehicle. Allegedly, the second vehicle turned left across West Kennedy Boulevard when oncoming traffic had a green-light. Although Ichiro did not sustain injuries, his SUV was totaled by the accident. Unfortunately, accidents are a reality— even for the rich and famous. And this danger is especially prevalent in Florida. There were 227,998 traffic accidents on Florida roads during 2011. Further, over 18,000 of those crashes happened in Hillsborough County. If you find yourself in the aftermath of a crash, the first few moments are critical. Make sure to follow these essential post-crash rules.

Don’t admit fault

A crash can be a stressful situation. You may be scared and shaken up. You may even be yelled at by other drivers involved in the crash. However, you should not admit fault under any circumstances. This could seriously harm your legal position in future litigation or insurance claims.

Call for help

If you have a cell phone, call 911 or the police. If not, locate a cell phone or an emergency call box close by. Do not flee the scene of a crash, because this could result in criminal charges. You should also alert your insurance company as soon as possible.

Collect evidence

Most likely, you’ll be at the crash scene for a while. Take this time to ask witnesses for their names and contact information. Further, take photographs of the accident scene, focusing on vehicular damage, skid marks and your personal injuries.

Hire a lawyer

After a crash, the insurance company may make an initial low-ball offer to settle. However, this amount may not cover all of your damages — including lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering. However, an experienced Florida auto accident attorney can help you recover maximum compensation. At the Law Office of Paul B. Genet, P.A., our team will fight hard to get the justice you deserve.

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