The Dangers of Parasailing

Last summer at Pompano Beach a Connecticut woman fell from a parasailing harness and plunged 200 feet to her death. This and other parasailing accidents have prompted Florida lawmakers to reexamine safety guidelines for this and other thrill sports.

According to The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and National Transportation Safety Board, two organizations that assisted in the investigation of this accident, while parasailing outfits are required to have boating license and business operating licenses, there is currently no governmental body regulating the specific safety guidelines for this industry.

Exactly one year prior to this tragic accident, two teenage sisters, Amber May and Chrystal White were both fatally injured in a parasailing accident. The mother of the deceased girls has pushed hard for new legislation. The Amber May Law, proposed by Senator Gwen Margolis has recently made its rounds in the state Senate, but once again has failed to pass.

Thrill sports like parasailing and skydiving obviously carry risks. Proponents of the Amber May Law and other regulatory legislation feel the industry hides some of the less apparent risks, such as:

  • Aging equipment – harnesses, widgets, cables and other parts age quickly in the corrosive climate of the coast.
  • Unpredictable weather conditions – high wind speeds and sudden storms typical of the Florida coast can stress equipment and cause collision with cliffs and buildings in the flying area.
  • Inexperienced operators – there is no specific operator’s license for these specific sports other than boat operation.

If you have been injured in a parasailing or skydiving accident, and the sporting outlet is found negligent, you might be eligible to receive monetary compensation for your injuries. Contact a boating accident attorney for a free consultation, Call the Palm Harbor Law Office of Paul B. Genet, P.A. at 727-510-8802 or contact us online.

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