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Going to Court or Settling The Case: Which Will Get You More Money for a Personal Injury?

By Paul B. Genet |

Going to trial can be a gamble. Like a good game of poker, you may never be sure what the other side has, the stakes can get pretty high, and in the end most players fold rather than face losing the whole pot. While the poker analogy can only take us so far, the… Read More »

The Importance of Having Witnesses to Your Auto Accident

By Paul B. Genet |

James Green, a security guard at the Tampa Bay Times building, saw the whole thing. While driving behind a white Chrysler convertible, he watched the police cruiser run a red light and hit the car in front of him. “I kept thinking, ‘Oh, he’s going to stop,’ but he kept on coming,” the Tampa… Read More »

Recognizing the Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

By Paul B. Genet |

In late September 2012, Teresa Kermani went missing from her St. Petersburg nursing home. According to police she just walked out of the facility. While nothing has been mentioned yet about this being a case of nursing home neglect, some of the signs appear to be present. Nursing home neglect happens when the workers… Read More »

Recent High-Profile Victims of Personal Watercraft Accidents

By Paul B. Genet |

One of the most tragic and high profile Sea-Doo accidents that occurred over the past summer involved the stepson of rapper Usher, Kyle Glover. Kyle, aged 11, was rendered brain-dead after he was struck by a personal watercraft in Atlanta, Georgia. Kyle was on an inner tube on Lake Lanier, Georgia when he was struck… Read More »

Changes in PIP Affecting Florida No-Fault Insurance: What You Need to Know

By Paul B. Genet |

In 2013, new Personal Injury Protection (PIP) legislation will take full effect, placing limits on how long automobile accident victims have to seek treatment and the kinds of treatments covered.  The supposed motivation behind these major changes to the state’s no-fault auto insurance was to reduce insurance rates for Florida car owners. Whether or… Read More »

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