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Doctor Negligence
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Florida Court Tosses Jury Malpractice Verdict Due to Insufficient Expert Testimony

A physician has a legal and ethical duty to advise a patient of the material risks of a proposed surgical procedure. When a physician fails to obtain the patient’s “informed consent,” and the patient suffers injury as a result, it may be grounds for a medical negligence lawsuit. However, Florida law does require any plaintiff Read More

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Negligence vs. Medical Negligence

It might seem odd to defend against a claim of negligence by arguing you actually committed medical negligence. But in Florida there may be good reason to offer such a defense. Florida has much stricter standards for medical negligence lawsuits than ordinary negligence or personal injury claims. This can allow a clever defendant to get Read More

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Florida Court Slams Doctor for Trying to Manipulate Outcome of Malpractice Trial

In a medical negligence case, there may be multiple parties responsible for a victim’s injuries. Conversely, a physician or medical provider may try to deflect attention away from his or her own negligence by claiming other parties were partly or solely to blame. Florida law can get complicated in this area, and as a result, Read More

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