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Dealing With Insurance Companies After an Automobile Accident

By Paul B. Genet |

Even though you might feel certain that you did not cause an accident, it is advisable to contact your automobile insurer as soon as possible after one occurs.  Your insurance policy likely contains a clause requiring you to notify the insurer of any car accidents within a set amount of time. Try to collect… Read More »

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

By Paul B. Genet |

According to a June 2010 study conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Motorcycle Crash Courses and Outcomes: Pilot Study, the number of motorcyclist crash-related fatalities has more than doubled during the past 10 years. Figure 1-1 from the study compares the number of passenger vehicle occupant fatalities with… Read More »

What To Do If You Accidentally Drive Into a Canal

By Paul B. Genet |

As Floridians know all too well, drivers can easily find themselves in a canal, whether because they were swept in by floodwaters or the impact of another vehicle drove them into the canal. Sometimes these accidents are fatal. Back in January 2012, Harlow Harless, 56, and Diane Harless, 72 died after driving their car… Read More »

Comparative Negligence Law In Florida

By Paul B. Genet |

What is it and How Might it Affect Your Motorcycle Accident Case? Every person who under the law has a duty towards others and breaks that duty because of his or her negligence, or lack of care, can be liable to the injured party for damages. Drivers have a duty towards others to drive… Read More »

Why Sue for Personal Injury When There is Insurance Coverage?

By Paul B. Genet |

When a person is injured by the fault of another, he or she is generally entitled to payments for the damages that he or she received. These payments for damages are designed to compensate the victim for the injuries and their effects. These damages typically come in two forms:  economic and non-economic. Economic damages… Read More »

The Most Dangerous Highways in Florida

By Paul B. Genet |

Three men died in September when their pickup trucks were struck on the shoulder of I-95 by an out of control car.   On the day of this writing, traffic on I-95 was halted by a crash involving a police car. In fact, I-95 has been rated the most dangerous stretch of highway in the… Read More »

The Importance of Having Witnesses to Your Auto Accident

By Paul B. Genet |

James Green, a security guard at the Tampa Bay Times building, saw the whole thing. While driving behind a white Chrysler convertible, he watched the police cruiser run a red light and hit the car in front of him. “I kept thinking, ‘Oh, he’s going to stop,’ but he kept on coming,” the Tampa… Read More »

Changes in PIP Affecting Florida No-Fault Insurance: What You Need to Know

By Paul B. Genet |

In 2013, new Personal Injury Protection (PIP) legislation will take full effect, placing limits on how long automobile accident victims have to seek treatment and the kinds of treatments covered.  The supposed motivation behind these major changes to the state’s no-fault auto insurance was to reduce insurance rates for Florida car owners. Whether or… Read More »

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