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Workplace Injuries

Skillful Palm Harbor Lawyer Aids Victims of Workplace Injuries

Experienced attorney pursues justice for individuals hurt on the job

Getting hurt on the job puts your health and financial security at risk. In many instances, a third party’s negligence is the cause of an injury. The Law Office of Paul B. Genet, P.A. in Palm Harbor works with clients throughout the Florida to obtain relief for injuries that occur at work. Whether the specific harm arises from a machine defect, chemical exposure or some other type of problem, our firm pursues payment from negligent individuals and companies through trial or settlement. In these matters, we help clients obtain payments for losses not covered under workers’compensation.

Accomplished Florida firm assists with exposure and accident claims

Dating back to 1991, we have delivered aggressive personal injury and wrongful death advocacy to Floridians. In a free initial consultation, we can discuss the merits of your case and explain what type of compensation you might be eligible to receive in cases arising from incidents on the job such as:

  • Slip and fall injuries — Busy workplaces often present numerous hazards. From handling claims stemming from messy floors to misplaced objects, we represent workers in a full range of slip and fall accident cases.
  • Chemical exposure — The use of hazardous substances is a key part of many jobs. However, when the proper precautions aren’t taken, severe harm might occur. In situations where an employee suffers from a work-related illness caused by toxic exposure, our firm will consult with experts in the field to find the cause.
  • Machine malfunctions — If you’ve been hurt because a machine you use on the job failed, we know how to take on manufacturers and other businesses that contributed to the problem.

No matter how complex your case might seem, we have the ability and determination to maximize the likelihood of a favorable outcome. If the workplace negligence in your case has affected a large group of people, our firm has an extensive background in medical negligence litigation and can handle multiparty claims.

Contact a thorough Florida workplace injury lawyer for a free initial consultation

The Law Office of Paul B. Genet, P.A. represents Florida clients who have been injured on the job. Please call 727-538-8865 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Palm Harbor office.

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