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Driving Through the Years

An 83-year-old California woman mistakenly turned her car onto railroad tracks and drove a quarter of a mile at the beginning of January, realizing her mistake only when she saw the oncoming train. She flashed her headlights and the train was able to come to a full stop and avoid a collision.

We all want to live to a ripe old age. A long life usually brings with it an appreciation for the fullness of life and the joys of family. These benefits are often accompanied by deficits in hearing, sight and reflexes, which are the crucial physical and cognitive abilities that make safe driving possible. When we lose these abilities, we may no longer be able to drive safely.

Florida has many senior citizens, and therefore has developed resources for senior citizens to evaluate their driving ability and adjust to life without a vehicle, if they are no longer capable of driving safely.

A decline in driving ability can occur gradually over a number of years. Because of this, many elderly drivers are unaware that they can no longer see, hear or respond adequately to the challenges of the road. The Florida Safety Resource Center at the University of Florida and Florida Grand Driver program offer an objective and supportive array of resources to help drivers stay safe and understand when driving is no longer a viable option.

The most important thing for drivers of any age is to know their limitations and drive (or not drive) accordingly. If you are involved in an accident, contact us for assistance in protecting your rights.

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