Causes and Prevention of Trucking Accidents

In the last 30 years the number of heavy commercial trucks on our highways has doubled. Due to the concerted efforts of organizations like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, truck-crash fatalities have actually dropped slightly despite the increase in vehicle use. This is good news, and there are significant developments in the industry to further increase truck safety and reduce highway accidents involving trucks. However, trucking accidents are still all too common a tragedy on our roads. The following are prevalent causes of trucking accidents on Florida highways:

  • Texting and driving is now outpacing drinking and as the number one cause of truck-related crash fatalities. Both drunk driving and distracted driving result in thousands of highway deaths every year.
  • Driver fatigue is an occupational hazard among truck drivers and is identified as a common cause of accidents in a competitive, incentive-driven occupation.
  • Poor maintenance of large vehicles results in mechanical failures and blown tires, causing multiple-vehicle accidents and pile-ups.
  • Freight weight imbalance caused by improperly loaded cargo can cause trucks to rollover or jackknife.

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration reports the development of new technologies that improve truck stability and prevent stability-related accidents.

Electronic Stability Control systems are now offered as an option in many heavy (over 26,000 lbs) vehicles. NHTSA estimates that this feature reduces rollover and loss of stability incidents by 28-36%, representing a significant life-saving measure. ESC technology is essentially a collection of sensors that costs a few hundred dollars to install.

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