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Boating Accidents

Palm Harbor Attorney Aids People Hurt in Boating Accidents

Skillful Florida firm litigates cases involving all types of watercraft

In a small craft or a luxury yacht, spending time on the water is one of the great pleasures of Florida life. However, if a boat, Jet Ski or some other type of vessel is poorly maintained or improperly handled, the consequences can be tragic. Our Palm Harbor firm, the Law Office of Paul B. Genet, P.A., pursues compensation for victims when individuals and businesses fail to meet maritime safety standards. In cases involving drownings, collisions and other types of harm, we conduct a thorough investigation of what occurred and always keep our clients apprised of the special rules that apply to boat accident claims. No matter how complex the circumstances are, we’ll develop a clear strategy to obtain compensation for medical costs, lost wages and other damages associated with the boat accident.

Florida lawyer provides strong guidance in boat injury matters

Whether your accident on the water was a workplace injury or an incident that occurred during what was supposed to be a pleasure trip, our firm will assert your rights effectively. Though some similarities exist to auto accident claims, it is essential to find an advocate who understands the liability, insurance and damage provisions that govern boat accident litigation. A native Floridian with three decades of legal experience, Paul Genet offers a free initial consultation and handles a full range of matters arising from problems that occur on the water, including:

  • Drowning — Many drownings can be avoided by wearing a life jacket or taking other reasonable precautions. If these steps weren’t taken, our firm can advise you of your legal options.
  • Capsized vessels — Numerous factors can cause a boat to overturn. We take action against each person and business whose negligence led to a capsized vessel.
  • Boat collisions — When two boats collide, all types of injuries can result. No matter what your particular claim entails, our firm will battle to maximize your compensation for the harm you’ve suffered, including problems that might not be immediately apparent, such as chemical exposure.
  • Personal watercraft accidents — Jet Skis, WaveRunners and other personal watercraft can provide tremendous fun, but they offer no protection if an accident occurs. If you or a family member has been hurt during a mishap on one of these machines, we’ll assert your rights vigorously.
  • Overboard falls — When a boat lacks proper railings or has not been maintained appropriately, someone can fall overboard in a split second. In these cases, our firm pursues a fair result for the victim.

To maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome, you need a Florida litigator with detailed knowledge of boat-related personal injury and wrongful death actions. Attorney Paul Genet is well-versed in the law and also knows how to deal with insurance companies, boat manufacturers, charter fishing operations, and businesses that rent boats and personal watercraft.

Contact an aggressive Florida boating accident lawyer for a free initial consultation

The Law Office of Paul B. Genet, P.A. represents people who have been injured in Florida boat accidents. Please call 727-538-8865 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Palm Harbor office.


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