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Medicare Requirements in Personal Injury Claims

Starting on January 1, 2011, personal injury claims from claimants eligible for Medicare must be reported to Medicare.  Medicare is entitled to a 100% recovery of the benefits it paid for the treatment of injuries and it will seek reimbursement of such payments from any settlement or payout on the claim.  Failure to comply with… Read More »

Prevailing on a Lost Wages Claim

A lost wages claim is a claim for wages that you were unable to earn because of the defendant’s actions or omissions.  In other words, the defendant’s actions or failure to act in a required way caused you to miss work.  If you were involved in an automobile accident that was another driver’s fault, for… Read More »

Florida Statute of Limitation in Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Actions

A statute of limitation is a law that places a time limit on your ability to pursue a legal action.  Unless there’s an exception, once the time limit expires, you lose your ability to file a lawsuit. There are different time limits for different causes of action.  An attorney can help you determine which statutory… Read More »

What To Do If You Accidentally Drive Into a Canal

As Floridians know all too well, drivers can easily find themselves in a canal, whether because they were swept in by floodwaters or the impact of another vehicle drove them into the canal. Sometimes these accidents are fatal. Back in January 2012, Harlow Harless, 56, and Diane Harless, 72 died after driving their car into… Read More »

Dangers of Boating and Drinking

Recently, a 20-foot boat with five passengers collided with a navigational buoy at Fort De Soto Park.    Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission officers suspect alcohol played a part in the crash, which left one passenger in critical condition. This incident, however, is not unique.   According to the U.S. Coast Guard, as many as one-third of… Read More »

Comparative Negligence Law In Florida

What is it and How Might it Affect Your Motorcycle Accident Case? Every person who under the law has a duty towards others and breaks that duty because of his or her negligence, or lack of care, can be liable to the injured party for damages. Drivers have a duty towards others to drive their… Read More »

Why Sue for Personal Injury When There is Insurance Coverage?

When a person is injured by the fault of another, he or she is generally entitled to payments for the damages that he or she received. These payments for damages are designed to compensate the victim for the injuries and their effects. These damages typically come in two forms:  economic and non-economic. Economic damages include… Read More »

The Most Dangerous Highways in Florida

Three men died in September when their pickup trucks were struck on the shoulder of I-95 by an out of control car.   On the day of this writing, traffic on I-95 was halted by a crash involving a police car. In fact, I-95 has been rated the most dangerous stretch of highway in the United… Read More »

Dog Bites and Kids

In June of this year, a neighbor’s dog attacked a three-year-old girl after she walked past and fell on it by accident. The dog bit the girl in the face and did not let go until its owner struck it. The girl was hospitalized in serious condition. Sadly, it is common for dogs to bite… Read More »

Your Mold is Not My Problem — How Insurers Try to Avoid Paying You For Mold Damage

A home is often an individual or family’s most valuable asset. It is also an extremely delicate one, subject to damage or destruction by natural disasters or man-made accidents. It is therefore essential to get good homeowner’s insurance coverage. Homeowner’s insurance pays back the insured homeowner for damage or destruction to the property (by fire… Read More »

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